Who the hell are you ?

I think you can #define me as a Unix, C and Network hacker or nerd, depends on which one
you prefer, I honestly don't care. You probably want to know if I'm a good one or a bad
Well, you should already know the answer (an evil hacker writing a tool to track DDoS
attacks and publishing his photo...? ), but if you are scared about that, I usually
don't break in systems (only if I'm paid for it and customer is happy with it), don't
write/spread viruses and don't DDoS Internet sites. But I'm damn curious about how
things works and how I can fit them to my needs (take a look at http://pci.unsupported.info to get an idea).
I also love resurrecting forgot midrange systems and everything that has a network
interface and integrate them in my home network (yeah, some Borg attitude).
I have a lovely dog which confirms that they are men's best friends (just discovered
it seems to be an Alaskan Malamute, or sort of) and I love diving the sea and fishing.

I'm Italian (so, sorry for my poor English), love my country (ok, politics is another
thing) and nobody will ever change my mind that our food is the best in the world.
I also love Classical music (except Opera) and U2 and most music around.
I love diving, fishing and stuying traverse flute in spare time.
I work for a very well known (and all in all, a very good ) computer
company (yes, you got it, it's not M$ :) ) as a Security Consultant and I'm pretty happy with it.

If you arrived here, you get some bonus pictures:
a) myself with my best friend (guess who it's me >:> )

NOTE: Nobody is doing nothing strange with nobody, just if you were asking yourself!

b) a section of the network testing infrastructure I'm setting up, just to get an
idea about my hacking attitude...

c) Doh, finally my cables arrived ....

d) My SEXY LOVELY BABY, a sucking 1.9Kw of texturizing pleasure,
 also called Onyx RealityEngine2  :P

So, are you still of the idea that I'm a bad one ? I could be strange, but think twice !
That's all.

My mailbox is neye@neye.unsupported.info. This mailbox is for RECEIVE only,
I'll reply you from my ISP account.
You can also find me frequently  on #retrocomputing IRC channel on Azzurranet or
on #nekochan IRC channel on irc.nekochan.net.

Ah, I was forgetting, this site is not registered with SIAE and will never be. Guaranteed.
It's my stuff I'm giving back to the community and SIAE will never get anything from me.
Urbani law sucks, more than M$.